It's 2016.

How are you, friend?  How is life treating you?

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Welcome to the Brigade!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We welcome your child to THE BRIGADE.  We begin recruitment every New Year, right after school reopens, and also welcome new Boys from other schools as well.  Please pass the word around and encourage other parents to give their child/ren an opportunity to participate in a balance of healthy social, physical, mental and spiritual activities.

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BB Brunei's Official Website


Coming to 2years old!

BBbrunei.org is still being updated from time to time. We will be updating as time permits.

Last updated 2014-Dec-31

2014-12-31: Proofreading and minor corrections.

2014-06-18: Minor corrections.

2014-03-21: Outdated Chinese New Year greetings taken down.  Uploaded new message.  Please contact Captain or the webmaster (chrisc.my@gmail.com) on any website issues.

2013-02-23: Uploaded page in traditional Chinese -- the page needs some corrections as it was translated by Google... This is the main problem -- I have been agonizing over the page for a while, and finally surrender to the fact that it will take some time to edit.  More pages & entries coming up -- these will have priority for the time being.

2013-02-03: Updates in a few more days.

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