About BB Brunei

The 1st Brunei BB Company was started on 19th JULY 1964 By Mr. Charlie Keasberry at the Anglican Church Mission St Andrew’s, Bandar Seri Begawan, BRUNEI then known as Brunei Town. He 1st came to hear about the “Blue Boys” as far back as 1958 when he was in Penang for training. He was a dental technician, by profession, working with the Government Medical Centre. His impression about the “Blue Boys” was that of the bell boys who were working in the hotel service industry and attend to hotel customers when they check into the hotels.

Back home Mr. Charlie Keasberry enquired about the activities of the “Blue Boys” from friends in Church in Penang. They provided him with the name and address of Mr. SP Chua and advised him to write to Mr. SP Chua, who in return, sends Mr. Keasberry some of the materials especially information on “How to start a BB Company”. Mr Chua is considered in our BB History as our “Initiator” and Mr Keasberry as our “Starter” since Sir William is truly the “Founder”.

Mr. Keasberry was a Scout leader during that time but relinquished his involvement in the Scout movement and subsequently became the 1st Captain of 1st Brunei. He was assisted by a Singaporean, Mr. Phillip Lim, who was working with an Architect firm as a quantity surveyor. Mr. Lim was an Officer with the BB in his home country when he left to work in Brunei. His experience helped spurred the work of The Brigade onward.

1st Brunei BB Company begun activities with 59 Boys under the sponsorship of St Andrew’s Church, of which a year later registered the 1st Girls’ Brigade Company. In 1967 the BB brought in a Bugle and Fife band. The Bugle and Fife band still provide music for march past during sporting events as well as many other functions organized by other private schools and business establishments when they organized family day for members of their staff. The Boys’ Brigade In Brunei was the 1st and still the ONLY youth organization to have a Bugle and Fife Band of its own until today. There is no plan to change it. Many brass bands from especially government schools came and went but the BB Bugle and Fife band is still popular among the general public.

Mr. Charlie Keasberry retired as Captain in 1975 and became the Honorary Adviser to both the BB and GB Companies. The Captaincy was then taken over by Mr. Joseph Chin.

A 2nd Brunei BB Company, known as 1st Seria BB Company, was established in 1979 at the oil town Seria; 132 kilometres away from Bandar Seri Begawan. The company was sponsored by another Anglican Church St Margaret’s under the Captaincy of Mr. Daniel Keasberry. They met every Saturday afternoon.

The BB meets every Sunday afternoon 1.30-4.30pm and an hour of brushing up on the Band, finishing at 5.30-6pm. Our programmes run from Jan to Nov of each year, with the AGM in early January, before Chinese New Year.

Brunei became a full member of BB Asia in 2006. BB Asia was inaugurated on 23 July 2003.