Auxiliary Award


  1. The Scheme is designed to motivate members to excel in their studies yet continue in active membership.
  2. A member must be regular at weekly meetings.
  3. A member must have obtained any one of the position from 1 to 10 in the Final School Term Examination in order to qualify.
  4. For those who sit for Public Examinations, a standard considered by the Company Captain, as acceptable in place of condition No 3 above, will also qualify.
  5. Each qualified member will be entitled to only one item at an annual presentation and must be collected personally.
  6. A copy of the School Report or Examination Result Slip from the Local Education Authority will be accepted as sufficient evidence, and must be sighted by an officer of The Brigade.
  7. The item selected for presentation will be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained.
  8. The INCENTIVE will be an item from a selection of STAMP PACK, First Day Covers (FDCs), PRESENTATION PACK, YEAR PACK and other interesting Philatelic material from around the world.  It will be selected from a treasure chest of thousand of Stamps. (See Gallery)
  9. THE BRIGADE reserves the right to alter, change or withdraw the incentive material without giving any notice.

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